What is Coaching?

We support media professionals who want to make changes in their career or personal lives. This might be the desire for a new, more interesting or better-paid job, for being more effective in the job you have, or for changing priorities in your private life:

  • Making a new start: Your career hasn’t developed as you expected. While you appreciate the security and income, you’re looking for new options.
  • Working better: You aren’t satisfied with your own work. You want to improve your personal organization, improve your communication or become more effective overall.
  • Life changes: You want to or must move in a new direction. You are looking for a new life plan, perhaps one that is more meaningful to you, or want to improve your private life.

We work with editors-in-chief, art directors, correspondents, writers and managers from the digital world as well as with young journalists who have just started in the industry. Additional clients include media professionals from the area of communications: public relations directors, company spokespeople and journalists working in public relations.

Many of our clients are full-time employees, others work freelance. What they all have in common is that they are creative, open and ambitious people who are interested in making more of their lives.

Coaching is a new technology for personal and career development that combines concepts from psychology, sports, business administration, organizational development and spirituality. It is something completely different than a chat with friends or relatives asking them for “advice.”

Your coach is a temporary professional supporter and assistant, usually for three to six months. He supports you with his attention, his professional and personal experience. He helps you in recognizing what has been interfering with and thwarting your goals thus far and assists you in removing those blockades.

What happens when you start to work with your coach?

  • You stop postponing your plans or keeping them for some other undefined day and instead begin to actively make them a reality.
  • You don’t allow previous disappointments, your current situation or practical obstacles you see in your path to keep you from doing things.
  • You set clear goals for yourself, undertake the necessary practical steps to achieve them and communicate vibrantly, clearly and according to your needs.
  • You recognize and remove the obstacles that have previously blocked you, including knowledge about yourself and the potential within you.

Set up a complimentary consultation (30 minutes) in order to find out if coaching is the right method for you and discover how effectively you can work with a coach.