Discovery Session

The Discovery Session is your first coaching session. It lasts 90 minutes and is the first step of joint cooperation. It has two goals: to describe your current life situation (where you stand) and your wishes (where you want to go) – whatever that specifically means for you.

The description of the session expresses what it is about at a deeper level: about discovery. Everything is designed for you to find out more about yourself, to better understand your motivations and decisions, and to see which future opportunities you can create for yourself.

Before the session, you will receive two assignments from your coach, which he will ask you to work through following the instructions: the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment and a self-evaluation, which we call the Wheel of Life. Both are easy and playful, and will begin to provide you with important initial insights.

In the session, we start by evaluating these two assignments. Yet this is not about evaluating them in the sense of “good” or “bad.” We take a completely neutral standpoint and examine what they reveal to you about yourself, your motivations and your desires.

Don’t worry if you aren’t exactly sure what it is that you really want at the beginning. A goal for clients is often to get more clarity through the coaching (for instance, which potential career option would be the best), or to sort through and evaluate a number of ideas (for example, whether it would make sense to work freelance and if so, what form it might take).

Don’t hesitate to talk about issues that might seem awkward, embarrassing or unpleasant to you. Clients often start coaching with a topic relating to their career, only to discover that it also touches upon more personal issues (a lack of self-esteem, for instance).

Your coach will not assess this or condemn you for it, but instead will encourage you to find out more about yourself and to design and realize your own vision for your future. He will ask questions that will support you in this and, if appropriate and if you so desire, can suggest specific steps you could take.

The Discovery Session ends with you having defined the initial goals for the following coaching sessions, possibly already associated with a specific timeframe. These goals can remain the same for the coming months or change – that decision is yours alone to make.

The regular coaching sessions begin after the Discovery Session, normally once every week or two weeks. They build upon the first session, substantiate your goals and support you in very practical further development and implementation in your everyday life.

As an alternative, you can also follow up with the Total Life Review 360 program, which would be suitable if you prefer a more structured alternative instead of your own choice of topic. In this case, you work through a predetermined framework of prepared thematic priorities.

You can set up an appointment for your Discovery Session here.