Coaching Sessions

Coaching isn’t a once-off event, but a process. Your coach accompanies you for a certain amount of time so that the work you do together doesn’t remain transitory; rather, it makes possible sustainable change. A majority of clients decide for twelve sessions (over three months), some find a longer time period more beneficial.

Each session lasts 45 minutes and follows a set rhythm. It includes a short reflection of the past days, deals with the topic of your choice in the main part and ends with specifying practical steps you can take that will help you reach your goal before the next appointment.

Your coach knows which wishes and goals you began with from the Discovery Session. He will always keep those in the back of his mind, but also regularly ask you how current these are or whether there are other, possibly new topics that have become important to you in the meantime.

Some clients want to work on one topic over the entire time (for instance, a change to another industry). Others prefer to speak about a topic in each session that particularly concerns them at that moment. Either path is open to you as that decision is yours alone to make.

Your coach will follow your individual goal objective and will always support you in discovering and utilizing your potential. Occasionally – provided you approve – he will also make suggestions to you. You are completely free to pursue these suggestions or ignore them, as you choose.

In each session, you and your needs are the focus. Feel encouraged to speak very openly, to state your wishes and goals and to make plans. Please note, however, that thia process builds upon you remaining open for new things and being interested in change.

Over Skype or phone

Almost all of our clients have busy lives and work long, often irregular hours. That is why we usually work via Skype or telephone. This saves you travel time, you can keep the appointment from the location of your choice: home, office, hotel, car.

If you are unfamiliar with Skype or have never used other video chat programs, your coach will help you by undertaking the (short) necessary steps to get it set up. This means there are no telephone charges. You can turn the camera on or leave it off depending on which you prefer.

You also naturally have the option to set up personal appointments in our offices in Berlin (Mitte) or Zurich (Seefeld), or, upon special agreement, at your company.