We support media professionals who are interested in making changes in their careers or personal lives. This might be the desire for a new, more interesting or better paying job, for becoming more effective in your current position, or for changing the emphasis in your private life, partnership or family. We bring you closer to your goals in individual coaching sessions and workshops for groups.

We work with editors-in-chief, art directors, correspondents, writers, managers from the digital world and also young journalists who have just started in the industry. Additional clients include media professionals from the area of communications: public relations directors, company spokespeople and journalists working in public relations.

Take advantage of our skills, our experience and our network in the media industry in order to get closer to your own dreams and to realize your professional and personal goals.

We talk face-to-face, via Skype, Google Hangout or via telephone – at times that are compatible with your life and schedule. You benefit from expert support and accompaniment that you can comfortably take advantage of from your office or home.

This website presents you a detailed overview of how we work with our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a nonbinding offer and personal consultation.

Coaching Scenarios

Coaching is a technology that is thematically open – you set an individual goal, and your coach accompanies and supports you in making it happen. Every conceivable area of life can be touched upon, and that is also usually the case. A career change, for instance, can have direct impacts on your finances, your health and well-being, your partnership and your zest for life.

The following are examples from our coaching experience. The circumstances have been changed slightly to protect the respective clients, yet they reflect typical cases and individual decision-making processes that have resulted from coaching.

Job and Career

During the coaching sessions, the client decided to take courses in a craft profession and is working toward opening an atelier in his hometown.

In the coaching sessions, the client decided to switch to a different industry after it became apparent in initial talks that he would also be earning much more money.

Personal Finances
Through the coaching sessions, the client decided to convert her job into a part-time position and to establish her own agency on the side since she saw more earning potential for herself over the long term.

During the coaching sessions, the client gathered enough courage to negotiate a monthly financial compensation with her husband. Aside from this, she is working on returning to working full time as quickly as possible.

Family and Parenting
In the coaching sessions, the client realized that having children of her own wasn’t actually so important to her. However she does want to pass on her life experience to others and is doing so as a volunteer at a public charity.

During the coaching sessions, the client decided to reconcile with her mother and to return to her previous hometown. She hopes to achieve more freedom for herself by starting her own business.

Personal Development
During the coaching sessions, the client gained considerably more self-confidence after consciously reflecting upon his own biography. He plans to slowly improve his general knowledge by reading books on a regular basis.

Through the coaching sessions, the client learned how to stop transferring his own expectations onto others. Simulated role-playing conversations assisted him in being able to recognize typical situations and reliably manage them.

Faith and Spirituality
In the coaching sessions, the client decided to not make any changes for herself. However she did find out more details about the faith of her parents in order to be able to answer her children’s questions in the future.

During the coaching session, the client decided to remain with her current employer, but to be more open about presenting her positions at work. Her editor-in-chief doesn’t always share the positions, but does support her outspokenness at the office.

Fun and Joy of Life
During the coaching sessions, the client realized that he had overworked himself overall. He moved to a new apartment in order to avoid the two-hour commute each day and now uses this spare time to relax and pursue his hobbies.

Through the coaching, the client felt herself encouraged to explore the softer sides of her personality and to also show them in her career. This improved communication with her team, and she feels more relaxed now.

Close Social Relationships
In the coaching sessions, the client noted that he had only worked in the new city. He stopped shuttling back and forth to his previous city of residence and really started working on arriving where he was currently living. He made some first friends playing sports.

During the coaching sessions, the client discovered that he had been disappointed in his job for some time. He also applied for another position inside the company and was promoted. Shortly thereafter, his friend changed companies and they remained friends.

Health and Ageing
Through the coaching sessions, the client established that time had become more important to him than before his brush with death. He switched to a new position with shorter working hours, and spends more time with his wife.

In the coaching sessions, the client gained a more positive self-image and found the energy to start exercising twice a week. She is still single, but she found two good girlfriends through running.