Complimentary Consultation

There is a lot of talk about coaching, but only very few people have actually worked with a coach. It is thus completely normal to have doubts and uncertainty: Is coaching right for me? Can it work using Skype or with a phone call? Is it worth the time and money?

Instead of thinking about those questions too much, set up an appointment to find out what it’s all about. The nonbinding complimentary consultation (30 minutes) serves this purpose alone. It is free of charge, and places you under no obligation. So don’t wait, and make a personal appointment to find out for yourself.

Your coach will introduce himself to you and describe how he works with clients. He will ask you whether or not you have any experience with coaching and, if you have, what it was like. He will further ask about what areas or which challenges he can help you with (a career change, for instance).

You don’t need to prepare for the consultation, there’s no need to keep any secrets, nor are you required to make a “good impression.” Just simply talk about what is currently on your mind and what problem in your life you would like to solve. You coach has the understanding and experience that is important for you.

This conversation, like every additional one, remains strictly confidential. It is important for both parties that an atmosphere of trust and professionalism is there from the very start. Your coach will definitely encourage this and will ask the same of you so that your work together will be successful.

As a client, you are also free to ask any questions you would like. Find out about your coach’s training and job history, ask about his experiences with other clients and check for yourself if you felt the conversation was pleasant and productive for you personally.

At the end of the consultation, your coach will present various options for working together. This relates to the method and frequency of the coaching sessions (for instance, one 45-minute session per week) and the associated costs. Your coach will provide you a recommendation based on his experience, but ultimately you decide.

If your coach has the impression that coaching isn’t the best method for you to achieve your goals, he will candidly tell you this and suggest alternatives. If you should get the impression that you would rather work with a different coach, he will also support you in that decision.

If you do decide to work together, your coach will be happy to have you as a client and will do the following: he will send you a short agreement, set up your Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, and send you the access data for this first exercise via email. You will then see each other again for the Discovery Session (90 min), your first mutual coaching session.

Make an appointment for your complimentary consultation here.