Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment

The complexity of our individual feelings and behaviors presents a challenge: How do you describe and understand something that can barely be expressed in words? The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is a tool that can assist you in this in a variety of ways.

This assessment is an innovative personality test that was developed by Bruce D. Schneider at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in the United States back in 1999. More than 25 years of theoretical work and practical experience influenced its development.

The assessment presents your typical thought patterns, feelings and behaviors in numerical values. Do you feel yourself to be a victim of circumstances or of other people and are thus apathetic and passive? Do you carry disappointments and anger in you and thus repeatedly end up dealing with problems?

The assessment shows you all of this at a glance – in a very neutral manner without judging you. It differentiates the results in seven “Energy Levels” from Level 1 (Victimhood) to Level 7 (Absolute Creativity). You can see what you have been using your energy for in the past and what other possibilities are open to you.

Some clients only use their results for their own personal information and reflection, and then put them aside after that. Others choose to use them to influence their goals for the coaching sessions (for instance, to strengthen Level 6, which represents joy). Others repeat the assessment after a period of time in order to see what has changed.

Regardless, the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is an amazing indicator for how well you lead yourself and others. Instead of moving through your life on a sort of autopilot, it assists you in consciously choosing where you want to direct your energy in the future.

Many things that previously may have seemed inexplicable in life (many years of futile searching for a partner or failing in a leadership position, as examples) may suddenly become clear. The ELI Assessment doesn’t break things down into categories of “good” and “bad,” but instead points out causes and potential.

For the test, you receive password-protected access to a personal, online questionnaire with 84 questions. It takes about twenty minutes to fill out. After sending the answers, they will be evaluated in the US and the results will be sent to you by your coach after approximately one workday.

The written evaluation is comprised of ten letter-size pages and is sent to you via email. Along with your personal results, it also includes extensive explanations of the energy levels, what they specifically mean for your life and which advantages and disadvantages each energy level has for you.

You receive the ELI Assessment as part of the Discovery Session and it is already included in the price. You can choose to book it separately or include it as part of a block of coaching sessions.