Total Life Review 360

Imagine that your life is just a game and you can establish new rules for it. Total Life Review 360 (TLR-360) is a new program for personal development that supports you in this. It is your very personal inventory of your life, thematically structured and professionally supported by your coach. You decide what should remain and what you want to change.

TLR-360 is suitable for people who want to get an holistic overview of their lives, wish to achieve a new balance and expand their comfort zones. Practical suggestions from your coach assist you to carefully try out new things, become more self-assured and more courageous, and to reinvent yourself.

In 24 weeks, Total Life Review 360 leads you through all areas of your life – in circuits that get increasingly larger and where you are always the focus. We start with your image of yourself and move via partnership, career and circle of friends through to questions of personal spirituality.

Total Life Review 360 is a program of 360 degrees. It examines your life from all sides, including areas that perhaps haven’t seemed so important to you or those that you simply didn’t have time or space for in the past. TLR-360 invites you to actively decide how you wish to live in the future.

You receive practical tasks for each topical area that we call Life Lessons. They are a fundamental component of the program and promote your discovering yourself anew and trying out new things. In the corresponding coaching sessions, you can reflect and plan how you want to move forward.

TLR-360 starts and ends with an Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment. With it, you have a measurable starting and ending point, and you yourself can control what and how you have changed.

Total Life Review 360 runs over the course of six months and includes:

  • two ELI Assessments
  • twelve coaching sessions
  • twelve Life Lessons
  • your Energy Leadership book.

Set up for a complimentary consultation in order to find out whether the Total Life Review 360 is appropriate for you and when you can get started.