Profile and Philosophy

Media Dynamics offers coaching for media professionals. We work with publishers and editorial offices, broadcasters, agencies and communications departments from companies and organizations that want to develop their most important assets: their employees.

Our private clients are full-time employees or freelance media professionals who want to rise to the challenge of keeping pace in a dynamic world where everything seems to be changing.

We support you in positioning yourself anew both in your career and personal life, enable you to quickly and vigorously react to changing and often increasing demands, and to lead a life that makes you happy, is meaningful, self-determined and healthy for you.

We realize that you are working an environment where nothing seems assured: changing consumer behaviors, shifting requirements, fluctuating market shares, declining advertising budgets. Structures and work processes change, corporate departments get restructured, dismantled, sold or even closed entirely.

Some of our clients feel anxiety due to these factors, are overworked or worried about their futures. Others are overwhelmed by the new possibilities they find themselves faced with and are searching for the best approach to take advantage of these changing dynamics – and others enjoy them.

Media Dynamics supports you in two ways:

You can find detailed information here about how we can assist and support you. What everything we offer has in common is that it is based on sound knowledge and many years of practical experience, and can be used in a straightforward and pragmatic way in your everyday life.

We are quite deliberate in our avoidance of catchphrases, buzzwords and intentionally making things complicated. We communicate clearly and transparently, and strengthen your know-how and abilities to judge for yourself about conceptual, strategic and technical issues.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or wish to receive a customized offer. If you have interest in coaching for yourself or an employee, we recommend that you find out more by setting up a complimentary consultation. You can make an appointment for one here.

Learn more about our Lead Coach and Managing Director Attila Albert.